Manufacturer Disposal Services

We also provide manufacturing facilities with a secure, environmentally compliant, and profitable method, of disposing of obsolete or excess inventory. This includes, warranty and repair components, both new in the box (aged), and damaged, or test fail components. IMSE currently partners with a number of OEM and contract manufactures, in the U.S. and internationally. With the majority of OEM’s seeking reduced labor cost, many of our clients are located near the U.S./Mexico border.


Our secure logistics process includes utilizing only C-TPAT approved carriers, with GPS Tracking systems on board. We work with top industry recognized import brokers that ensure prompt and accurate service, to expedite all disposal requests, in the shortest timeframe. This, along with our trained and motivated team of professionals, delivers integrated services to meet every client’s needs.


Our Manufacturer Disposal Services offer the following:


  • Secure transport from customer’s facility to one of our major recycling operations
  • Onsite breakdown of packaging and dismantling of materials
  • Multiple material disposition opportunities, including: resale, destruction, and recycling
  • State of the art equipment and refined processes
  • Complete downstream transparency
  • Detailed tracking and reporting of material, including: receiving tickets and assured destruction documentation
  • Maximized asset recovery value


With over half a century of experience in recycling, processing, and the recovery of non ferrous and precious metals scrap, IMSE continues to provide manufactures with worry-free, quality solutions, for the disposal of by-product mixes and electronic manufacturing waste.


To learn more about our Manufacturer Disposal Services, or to obtain a service quote, please Contact Us and one our dedicated specialists will respond promptly.