IT Asset Management

We propose a progressive approach to the disposal of retired IT Assets and End of Life electronics. Offering full IT Asset Management, IT De-Installation, and complete Resale Evaluation services, we support businesses in the liquidation of their surplus of decommissioned or unwanted electronics. Our dedicated specialists provide the knowledge and expertise to help customers recognize the remaining value in their inventory, to assist in determining the most appropriate disposition of products, and to ensure the maximum return on investment of their company’s assets.


Liquidate Assets

Once customers have consolidated their IT Assets, one of our experts will assist with the implementation of our complete IT Asset Management services (see Our Credibility). Our team will handle the coordination of de-installation, (if
 necessary), material pickup, and the evaluation of assets. We offer secure logistics, with optional onsite receiving, packing, and palletizing, a detailed, serialized recording of each asset, and guarantee materials will be evaluated using fair market assessments, with the added choice of upfront payouts.


Prior to removing materials for final disposition, bar code scanners will be used to record and track serial numbers from each individual IT Asset. These recordings are then captured on an Asset Tracking form, used to establish an inventory of material.

Data Destruction

Tracking through a secure chain of custody assures our customers that all their assets are accounted for and that the dispositions of these materials are transparent. Properly tracked assets will help alleviate concerns over information and environmental liabilities.


Working IT Assets are tested and evaluated; those electronics deemed suitable are then made available for reuse in our secure in-house resale bid system.


IT Assets not approved for reuse, or those that have reached their End of Life, will be dismantled to remove toxic materials and will be shredded to refine for commodities such as; steel, aluminum, plastic, circuit boards, etc.


Companies looking to give back to their communities have the option to donate their scrap proceeds to local or nationwide non-profit organizations. We support businesses in their ambitions to aid others, and work with them toward achieving that goal; we receive and process their material, and then draft revenue sharing checks made directly in the name of an organization of their choice.