Once the customer has determined the security and data destruction levels, we will destroy the data using the customer preferred method of Clearing, Purging, or Physical Destruction.


  •  Clearing via Wiping: Media destroyed using this method will be wiped using BLANCCO software, which meets the Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M.
  •  Purging via Degaussing(*): This method uses the Proton 8000 Degausser/Bulk Eraser, which has the capability to erase computer magnetic media, tapes, disks, cartridges, A/V tape film, and hard drives.
  •  Physical Destruction via Shredding: This method will physically destroy the media device either via shredding the device into pieces two inches or smaller or other physical means using a pneumatic device to physically push the spindle out of the media device which will bend, break, or shatter all platters/media discs. With this selection, customers also have the option to witness the physical destruction.


(*) Services are site specific, please Contact Us for more information.