Data Destruction

As technology continues to improve, we are able to collect, store and transfer information at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, this also exposes individuals and corporations to the possibility of security breaches and identity theft. Information is stored on more than just computers and laptops; printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, cell phones, PDAs and more, also retain confidential information. If not disposed of properly, discarded electronics still carrying sensitive corporate data, customer records, financial statements, and other indentifying information can end up at unsecure locations, increasing the likelihood of misuse. We recognize the potential threat of stolen data and aim to protect our customers against it by providing a variety of Data Destruction solutions including; Clearing, Purging, and Physical Destruction. We guarantee secure services and offer access controlled facilities, qualified access personnel, and 24/7 video surveillance.



Once the customer has determined the security and data destruction levels, we will destroy the data using the customer preferred method of Clearing, Purging, or Physical Destruction. (see Our Credibility)

  • Clearing via Wiping: Media destroyed using this method will be wiped using BLANCCO software, which meets the Department of Defense Standard 5220.22-M.
  • Purging via Degaussing: Select IMS Electronics Recycling, Inc. locations use the Proton 8000 Degausser/ Bulk Eraser, which has the capability to erase computer magnetic media, tapes, disks cartridges, A/V tape film, and hard drives
  • Physical Destruction via Shredding: This method will physically destroy the media device either via shredding the device into pieces two inches or smaller or other physical means using a pneumatic device to physically push the spindle out of the media device which will bend, break, or shatter all platters/media discs. With this selection, customers also have the option to witness the physical destruction.


Materials can be tracked through our secure Transfer-of-Custody protocols.


Customers utilizing our Data Destruction services will be provided with the appropriate documentation and/or certificates, based on the method of destruction selected.