About Us

In 1954, Charles M. Davis, a mechanical engineer, founded a California based recycling company known as IMS Recycling Services. Now one of San Diego’s oldest and largest non-ferrous recycling companies, IMS recycles a broad range of materials including; aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, high temperature alloys, copper nickel, fibers (cardboard, mixed paper, newspaper), CRV items (PET, HDPE, glass), and more. Dedicated to helping businesses achieve green initiatives and reduce carbon footprints, IMS Recycling Services continues to offer customers a dynamic approach to large-scale recycling, with the flexibility to adapt to changing markets.


In the early 1970’s, IMS Electronics Recycling, with the help of Alcoa Aluminum, developed an aluminum can reclamation program to effectively analyze the environmental impact and profit potential of recycling aluminum cans. Shortly after, the need to automate various operational processes became evident. Seizing the opportunity, Mr. Davis invented the first aluminum can flattener – the CP100 – for use within his own yard. The equipment rapidly gained attention from prospective buyers and to answer the increasing demands for this machinery, CP Manufacturing was incorporated in 1977.


Over the years, as the business continued to expand, additional companies were established to address other industrial needs, including; Handy Metal Mart, MSS, Inc., Krause Manufacturing, Inc., and KMI Sea-Lift. This family of companies became known as the IMS Group.


In 2007, a special division was added to The IMS Group, to develop processes for the special handling needs of electronics. IMS Electronics Recycling, presenting customers with the opportunity of full environmental compliance, assists businesses with IT Asset Management, Data Destruction, and is also a responsible recycler of electronics, including; computers, televisions, telecommunications systems, Universal Waste such as CRTs, and more. IMS Electronics now operates nationwide facilities.


Today, The IMS Group is still owned and operated by the Davis family. Armed with over five decades of knowledge and experience, we guarantee our clientele an unmatched expertise in the recycling industry. We continually aim to provide customer service that far exceeds expectations, to offer innovative and quality recycling in an environmentally responsible, fiscally sound manner, and to create opportunities for our workforce to achieve personal and professional growth, while meeting and exceeding corporate initiatives and goals.